Site has been suspended until further notice

Those of you who are in the class are probably aware, but I'd like to make visitors to our page aware that we have suspended classes due to lack of regular attendance. Currently, we are looking into resuming the class but this may not be possible due to students' schedules. Students feel free to email me, Ethan, about the current situation and any plans you may have.

Friday - 12/14/2001

Back in Business

Well, I had to suspend updates for awhile because I no longer had a working computer or a job where I used computers, but now that I'm back home I hope to update the page with some more information, pictures, etc. Speaking of which...

Testing Update

We did have testing a little while ago and have some new ranks to congratulate. Chris Kessinger, James Koch, and Mark Parks are our newest nanakyus and Ethan Sharrigan reached rokyu.

Good Luck Phil

Also, lets hope for the best for Phil as he enters/recovers from his knee surgery. Phil will hopefully be able to join us again soon for practice and teaching.

Sunday - 7/8/2001

Fumio Toyoda Shihan Passes Away

The president and chief instructor of the Aikido Association of America, Toyoda Shihan, passed away on July 4th. There are more details on the AAA page and Hover Sensei has put up his thoughts in the Sensei's Corner.

Sunday - 5/13/2001


Hover sensei has put up a new Sensei's Corner which he frequently mentions: The Myth of Martial Arts. Also, be sure and check the message boards for updated dates on this summer and the fall. Final dates will probably be posted up front, but until then check the message boards.

Also, on an non-aikido note, Happy Mother's Day!

Friday - 5/4/2001

Stick Figure Theater

Check this little animation - all you need is a computer with Shockwave Flash on it and you can view it. Its a little stick figure animation, probably using motion-capture technology, that is like a fully choreographed Jackie Chan fight scene, only much more two dimensional. Be careful though, this thing takes a while to load, even on network connections.

Wednesday - 4/18/2001

Testing Update

Congratulations to our newest Nanakyus, Ira Kennington and Ethan Sharrigan. Both have passed their first in hopefully a long road of challenges, a surprise test!! Both performed exceedingly well under the circumstances of a no notice kyu test. Testing and demonstrations are the only real times we have to work under pressure in Aikido and add in the surprise factor of no warning, both rose to the challenge and hopefully learned something about themselves.

Wednesday - 3/21/2001

General Page Update

The Sensei's Corner section has been updatedwith 2 new updates (I was a little slow in putting them up) and you can also view older Corners too.

Monday -3/5/2001

Aikikai 8th dan Shihan Norihiko Ichihashi passes away

Yesterday morning, March 4th, Norihiko Ichihashi Sensei passed away.Ichihashi Sensei, for those of you not in the know, was one of Hover Sensei's instructors instructor's(Okumura Sensei, K. Osawa , and Nidai Doshu being the others.) So if you trace our lineagehe would be our Aiki "grandfather". His loss will be felt throughout the entire Aikidocommunity, but his impact will not be forgotten.

Friday - 3/2/2001

Page Updates

The About Aikido section has been fully redone and Danhas put up his first Sensei's Corner. Feel free to testout the message board too - although I've been warned by the ezboard guys that they're having some technicaldifficulties lately so the page may be slow to load and pictures might not show up.

Field Trip

Also, Saturday's class will be somewhat rescheduled. We are going to meet at 12:00 instead of 11:00 and go see"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" on the big screen. Its about 2 hours long so don't get the Big Gulp soda...

Monday - 2/26/2001

The prototype version of the Savannah Aikikai website is now up and ready to be tested. Feel free to email me with suggestions, complaints and ideas.

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